Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1 and 2

If candy were Jesus then Scott Pilgrim would be a tootsie roll. Presented in the format normally reserved for things with Japanese telepaths, samurai, schoolgirls, and pirates is a book with big eyed Canadian kids--chiefly among them, one Scott Pilgrim: Slacker-nerd extraordinary.

To say this book is funny and imaginative, is to say Superman's sperm has a kick. This stuff is fantastic. The book follows Scott Pilgrim around and builds a rather well developed world of girlfriends/ex-girlfriends/bandmates(Scott has a sucky band)/family/gay roommate(Wallace Wells: 25(as of the second book)). The panels do their darndest to build really great comic timing. It's manic in the way a Japanese manga might actually be, but also feels very grounded in it's real world angst.

Bryan Lee O'Malley has created something wonderful with this book which I can only hope will go on and on into forever, and bring him untold riches.

These are the kind of books you hurl shuriken style at the back of unsuspecting friends.

BUY SCOTT PILGRIM! (Which one? (All of them (Gotta catch 'em all, right?(righhht)))

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