Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Boys, All-Star Superman, Fell

The Boys # 1

The coolest new thing I'm reading is Garth Ennis: The Boys # 1(number 2 comes out this week, I'm sure it will be the shit(ho ho ho--I just wouldn't be an english major person without some lame poo puns)). If you don't know, which is your own damned fault-- but we're not passing blame, but if you don't know, Garth Ennis is the guy who wrote this awesome amazing epic Irish-fuck you to God-tale-about-friendship- vampires- the old west and john wayne called The Preacher. It's like 8 or 9 trade paper backs long, and it's the best thing from the 90's, on par with stuff like Dark Knight and Watchmen--Ennis has done a bunch of other cool stuff(all the good bits from the movie Hellblazer were from his run on Hellblazer which is a great read, it's a shame Keanu was cast to play a bastard Irish-men, kind of ruined the book for me), right now he's doing a supposedly great run on the Punisher, which I haven't read, but supposedly there's a great story on the human sex/slave trade in eastern Europe called the Slavers--been meaning to check it out. ANNNNNYWAYS...The Boys is the book that is supposed to in his own words "out Preacher Preacher" which is lofty enough praise that I'm like "hey, I'll see what's what". So it's only one issue in, so I can't say a ton, but the premise is a group of bastardly sickos going around and taking the piss out of superheroes, I'm sure it will end up being a lot more than that but as of right now the book is basically the amusement of watching some very foul slightly deranged ferrets with switchblades sitting around a table planning a little bit of the ol' carnage and mayhem. I really dug the hell out of the first issue, can't wait for more. The gleam in The Butcher's eye just makes me excited for the future of this book. He's one twisted s.o.b. He's got what they call...bad intentions. I'm interested to see what other lines this book takes, because what made Preacher great was that at the end of the day it was a romantic piece on friendship, and really at the end of the day, that's what I consider Ennis. A dirty dirty dark humored romantic.

The art of the book is by Darrick Robertson, who did Transmetropolitan, a book I loved, and the art...enh...I liked some of it. And Punisher Born, a book I thought was overrated by Ennis, and the art was...kinda boring. So we'll see how this goes. One of the characters does look like Spider Jerusalem(the Frenchman) and that's a bonus in my book.

Definitely a book to keep an eye on.

FELL # 1-3; 5

Another book I've been reading and completely fell in love with is Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Authority) book Fell. The premise behind fell is every issue is self contained (so you don't need to go buy the first issue of this one, just pick it up at random and read it) only 16 pages long, and cheaper than most comics. The art is by the guy who did this vampire book 30 Days 30 nights, I think, I dunno, didn't read it, I was really only into vampires for about a year and a half in middle school. But anyways, the book is excellent. The town the book takes place in is this city version of hell. Everyone but our detective is completely evil and morally bankrupt. Very Marlow. Every panel is densely packed with information so even though it's 16 pages, it's a very satisfying read. I would definitely recommend tracking this one down if you want something new to read. The writing is consistently strong, the art really works, it's a good example of how the medium should work. I like it a lot, and can't recommend it enough.


The other main book to say something about is Grant Morrison's All Star Superman with Frank Quietley. Grant Morrison is a weirdo. That's first off. But this book is a surprisingly straightforward and honest book. Really enjoy it. The premise behind it is Superman finds out he is going to die, and then it's like "what does superman do with his time before he goes?" It's a very sweet book. The art is so so so good. Really great storytelling. And I'll be the first to tell you, I don't like Superman. I'm a Batman girl. But this is damn good story telling, and if you can get over the fact it's a superman book, it's probably the best mainstream book DC is putting out right now.

So yeah. Nerd it up you nerds.

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