Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Mercurialblonde Comic Review Page

How this is going to work:
1. Um...Every month, I'll buy a glut of comics, probably the last two weeks of every month. And then I'll review those comics over the course of the next month. Yeah, I know it sucks, you'll be a month behind, but maybe you are like me and just like reading reviews, or like to buy back issues(also like me) or just like to know what's going on, what's good, and what trades to wait for(also occasionaly like me)

2. I'll be reviewing both Graphic Novels, Trade Collections, and the little pamphlets. Maybe some Manga too? I dunno.

3. Obviously with me reviewing monthlies, it might get a little repetitive to say something on each month, but it also may not. After I read a really awesome monthly, I love going out, finding reaction on that book, and posting my own thoughts on it as well. So while I know it's a bit like reviewing singles...well...that's the blogosphere for you.

4. Initially the reviews aren't going to be that organized because I'm just porting over what I had going on my Myspace page. I'll try to organize those a little better down the road. But I think eventually what I will do is create a seperate blog for each blurb of a review, that way it keeps everything seperate. Then I'm thinking maybe have big reviews of entire arcs when they are done, and put links to those somewhere...hmmm.

5. I will try, despite the first couple posts, to proofread what I write, and make this a pretty presentable page. But since I'll probably be posting a lot of the reviews at Four a.m. from work, the initial posts, might be a little raw, but I promise to go back and polish things up.

6. I forget.

7. Feel free to disagree. I love talking comics. I hope you don't agree with everything I say.


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