Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Avengers #31; Worl War Hulk # 1; The Sub-Mariner # 1

New Avengers # 31
Brian Michael Bendis-Leinil Yu

Okay, it's been a week so I'm sure it's okay to complain about this now. I usually don't do spoilers, but the whole point of this issue is what happens at the end of it. Which is SKRULLS. IT'S ALL SKRULLS TONTO. Who is a skrull? Are you a skrull? Is she a skrull? Maybe I'm a skrull? How can we know?

I initially felt really angry about this but did eventually settle down once Bendis came out and assured everyone that this wouldn't retcon Civil War or any of the other major events of the past year.

Pretty much if you want to have any foothold in the marvel world these days, you have to be reading Bendis' Avengers books. Because that's where everything is happening. Sure X-men are all off in their own world, so you could just stay there with them. But if you want to have any notion or clue as to what is going on in the 616, you have to read Avengers. Fortunately neither book is offensively bad. And of the two, my favorite poison is New Avengers.

But yeah. You pretty much know where this story is heading. So if you're into a whole doppleganger, body snatcher type tale which has been done before many times--then get on the bus and buckle up. I KNOW I WILL....sigh.

World War Hulk # 1
Greg Pak-John Romita Jr.

This was for me the real event of last week in Marvel. After waiting for about a year to see someone lay the smack down on Tony Starks, Hulk is here to satiate all your smashing desires. He roars. He smashes. He crashes. He makes Tony Stark look like a fool. It really is quite lovely.

And it looks fantastic. JRJR really knows how to draw action. And that's great for a book that hits the ground running at a hundred miles per hour. In one issue we get not one but two Illuminati smack downs by the Hulk--now that's what I call a satisfying chunk of comic!

Make now mistake though, Greg Pak does do the small things necessary to keep this story interesting and keep you caring about the Hulks plight. He does an excellent job of summarizing Planet Hulk for people who want to just jump right in.

This is pretty much this years Marvel big Event, so you need to be reading at least the core book here. Lots of must reads over at Marvel right now. Though it can be kind of exhausting to have event after event. It certainly is exciting though.

That said, this is the perfect book to cleanse the palate post-Civil War. If you're tired of registration/anti-registration. And don't want to think about Skrulls right now, then this is the book.

Sub-Mariner # 1
Matt Cherniss Peter Johnson-Phil Briones

I'm not sure why, but while I think Aquaman is a total putz, I kind of dig Namor. And Marvel has been kind of hinting at a larger Namor narrative down the line. So this book seems like it will end up being important. The set up is basically that all is not well in the house of Namor. Atlantis is in ruin, sleeper cells are attacking the USA with or without Namor's okay. Things are bad okay. Bad.

And now Namor has had enough. On the brink of all out war with the US, he goes to take matters into his own hands and get to the bottom of things.

What this book really does a good job of capturing is Namor's anger, pride, and defiance--and since we are reading the book from his perspective it's very compelling. Once again it's another Marvel book where Tony Stark is basically the duplicitous villain. So if you want to see another hero defy Tony, look no further.

The art pretty much comes across as standard fair. It's what every book looks like right now in comics. So nothing to complain about or rave about there. Though if you want to bring Aquaman back into the equation, I like the art of his book a lot better.

But yeah. Undersea intrigue. You know you want it. Namor is going to kick some butt soon. Not a must read or anything, but if you bought it, I don't think you'd be disappointed with your purchase. Solid story, with some potential. See how it goes.

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