Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fallen Son # 2; JSA # 5; Firestorm #35

Civil War: Fallen Son # 2
Jeph Loeb-Ed McGuinness

Really disappointing book after a decent opening salvo. The problem with this book I think is mainly structural. The decision to cross cut the Avengers and New Avengers story in an alternating panel way was really kind of batcrap insane. The two stories really don't interconnect. One is the New Avengers playing poker, dealing with their anger over Cap's death. It's really good and the tension in the room is palpable. But the other story, which you have to read every other panel, is just Tony Stark's Avengers team in a fight with some sea monsters. And we are meant to imply that the way they fight is some way of dealing with their anger over Captain America, but it completely misses that mark and ends up just being a random adventure by the Avengers.

Generally when you chose to alternate panels like Loeb has done here, the panels kind of talk to each other and illuminate what is in each one, but in this case, it just makes you lose your place while reading. I eventually gave up on even reading the Avengers panels, just to get back to the New Avengers, which I think is hardly the intent.

Hopefully the next book in this series picks it up, I had really high hopes that Loeb was going to knock this story out of the park, but so far it seems like the writing and creative decisions are being mailed in.

Justice Society of America # 5
Geoff Johns-Fernando Pasarin

This is part two of a very good JLA-JSA crossover...which involves the finding deranged time stranded members of the League of Superheroes, the first part of which was contained in this month's JLA which was also very good. I definitely recommend going back and starting there and using this arc as a jumping on point for both books, because despite constant internet complaints about Meltzer, he's doing a fantastic job.

As for JSA. Geoff Johns continues to make this book the best super-hero team book going. The sense of family and history, as well as drama and action, is fantastic. This issue has Batman, The Sandman, Geo-Force, and Starman teaming up to go into Arkham Aslyum. If that doesn't make you want to read, I don't know what is.

I think JSA is the book that finally trumpets Geoff Johns arrival in that top tier of comic book writers. He's at least now on Mark Millar's level as a storyteller, and what he's pulling off in Justice Society of America is tremendous and is not to be missed by anyone.

Firestorm # 35
Dwayne McDuffie-Pop Mhan

Geez. Wish I had bothered to read this BEFORE it got canceled. So this is the last issue of Firestorm. A character I've only marginally cared about. But after reading this, sort of dig. Really excellent book. Heroes with voices in their head always get the win.

The Art is a lot of fun, and there's a ton of action in this book. Including plenty of New Gods, which is great. Who doesn't love New Gods? Bless you Kirby.

But yeah, very solid book, and I guess I would recommend it even though the series is done, just so you kind of don't hate Firestorm in other series I guess. I think maybe it's his shoulder pads that put me off. Who knows.

Probably a good enough book not to be canceled, but obviously Firestorm no matter how well written, is not a character that most people are going to embrace without cause. So here's to his next apparence.

Did I mention Darkseid shows up? This book may be somewhat relevant for DC's next big event. Not sure though.

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