Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New X-men 37; Amazing Spider-Girl 37, Spider-man and the Fantastic Four 1

New X-Men # 37
Craig Kyle, Chris Yost-Skottie Young, Niko Henirchon

This is the opening salvo of the forthcoming Magick arc in New X-men which is a part of the annihilation type story for Marvel Comic's Magic Wielders. It has art from Niki Henirchon, who draws all of the Magick related stuff in hell, while Skottie Young draws the rest of the action involving the New X-men.

I enjoyed the book personally, but that's because I like the idea of the forthcoming arc, and love Henrichon's art(Pride of Baghdad) but I will say that at times because of the scripting and art of Young and Yost/Kyle's portion of the book, I really didn't know what was going on. The other part of the story is just your basic dark and stormy night story telling session taking place at the X-Mansion, but they do such a botched job of using the space of the room, that characters will just appear seemingly out of nowhere, or you will think one character is in one place of the room, only to have them seemingly in another by the other end of a paragraph. I don't know exactly why it was so disorientating, but it was. I've read most of this team's run on New X-men and not this isn't something that crops up enough and with enough trouble, to affect the enjoyment of the book, just kind of a nit to pick in terms of the reading.

For me, while I don't like New X-men as much as Mike Carey's X-men I do like it and am interested in it more than Uncanny and Astonishing. So that would make it the second best X-book out there for my money.

Amazing Spider-Girl # 7
Tom Defalco-Ron Frenz

Gooood book. If you've got a hankering for old schoolish spider-man melo-drama and action like you grew up on, and not the annoying crappy current runs of Amazing Spider-man, then this is definitely a book to check out. Sure it's out of continuity, and it's about Spider-man's daughter, but it is probably more true to the old webhead than any actual Spider-man book not named Ultimate Spider-man.

The art even has that throwback quality to it, as well as the action. You see plenty of fights with roving discussions. Lots of power and responsibility fun times. And just in general it's everything you would want out of a Spider-man book.

You really do feel like you've picked up a book out of a time machine. It definitely doesn't feel like it's even from this era. Definitely worth checking out.

Spider-man and the Fantastic Four # 1
Jeff Parker-Matt Wieringo

Another fun spidey book. Seriously folks, there is life not involving Amazing Spider-man, Sensational Spider-man, and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man, and that life is good. This is another book that captures the fun of comics old. It's not bogged down by having to be a serious statement on the human condition, or do something crazy and radical to try and attract new readers, it's just the Fantastic Four teaming up with Spider-man in a fun adventure.

The art isn't overly complicated, and carries the story nicely. Not going for anything epic here. This is definitely a book that goes in your fun read super-hero pile. It's not as fun as Spider-girl, but I think it should get even better as more happens.

In a lot of ways books like this and Spider-girl achieve what say, Mighty Avengers seems to be going for, but to much greater effect. Post-Civil War, there's a lot of palette cleansers out there, especially with World War Hulk coming up, that kind of smash comics back to fun mode for a little bit before we get back to the dramatic soap operatic tales we've become accustomed to.

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