Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Captain America # 25; The New Avengers # 28; The Mighty Avengers # 1

Captain America # 25
Ed Brubaker-Steve Epting

So by now you've heard all the hub-bub. We've had all the debates as far as why, and whether Marvel should have done it. So put that aside, and just focus on the actual book, if you can get your hands on it. Because this book is astounding storytelling. Which, really...what else would we expect, it's Brubaker damnit.

Wonderful art. Wonderful omniscient storytelling. That Captain America dies is important, but compared to the story on the whole, this book stands on its own, and makes you want to keep reading. This could have been the death of some C-level hero, and it still would have been really good.

Steve Epting's art shifts wonderfully through time, and holds the story in a gravely reality.

You should buy this book, with the knowledge that once you do, you're stuck on the Captain America book until Brubaker leaves. A must buy, and not for stupid collectible reasons. This really is issue eight of Civil War.

The New Avengers
Brian Michael Bendis-Leinil Yu

Heck. Maybe I AM a Bendis fan? I think I'm now reading just about every book he's writing right now. New Avengers was a book that I read for like ten or forteen issues, never really liked it that much, but really wanted to, and now post-civil war, with Bendis also writing The Mighty Avengers(see below) I thought it was a good time to get back on the book. Plus I really like the team, even if it doesn't make a ton of sense. I like Spider-man, I like Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, Echo, Ronin, Spider-woman, not so much Wolverine these days, but it's a good group. Very disgruntled, very magic and ninja-y.

So how was the book? It was good. The banter is still excessive, and Bendis misses more than he hits, but there are some good lines here and there. The overall direction and tone of the book is interesting though, and I love the look of the book. It's very gritty. Some of the facial expressions are a little weird during the discussions, and seem counter-intitiutive to what is being said, but other than that it's a fantastic looking little book.

This book isn't going to change your life or anything. But it's good enough entertainment. I really enjoyed reading it, despite it's flaws. And hey, maybe I am starting to "cotton" to Bendis writing. Or the more likely thing, he writes just about ever Marvel book of note....

The Mighty Avengers
Brian Michael Bendis-Frank Cho

Now for the other Avengers book. In case you are wondering what the diffrence is, the Mighty Avengers are tools of the government, and the New Avengers are kind of an outlaw vigilante group.

Anywho. Mighty Avengers is a chuck back to more hokey comics, where heroes battled monsters, and talked in thought bubbles. And while I thought at one point I was nostalgiac for the thought bubble, after reading Mighty Avengers, I am squarely against it. There are parts of this book that are just completely grating to me. The dialouge is extremely annoying. Tony and Ms. Marvel picking a team against Brad Meltzer's Justice League picking a team--it's day and night.

It doesn't help that there's not a single character I like in this book either. Very irritating book. That basically spoils all the good will that New Avengers was building for me. I like the Frank Cho art okay. It's not reaaaallly my cup of tea though. But it's solid.

I will probably stick with this book for a little bit, just to see the two Avengers teams go at it from diffrent vantage points. But really...if you're wanting an Avengers book, pick New Avengers, please.

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